What we do?

We make your food taste amazing ​
Dip, Dash, pour or spread! ​
Add instant flavors to your meals & mood


Flavoured Butters

Introducing Flavored Butters in India, a delectable range of Cookie and Ingredient butters for your spoonful indulgence



Try these dips and soon they will become the must haves for your refrigerator. This is an easy to use range which can flavor up your cooking or eating or both. From tangy to spicy, you've a complete set catering to an array of taste buds


Sauces and Pickles

With our unique range of pickles and sauces with a twist, we aim to break the tradition. These products are here to become a cult and redefine your fashion statement in food



Coming soon! We're tasting, serving and our plans are to launch a multitude of spreads in the upcoming 2 months.